Winter invitational weekend: big fish and big hearts

Wildtracks Winter InvitationalWinter is not generally regarded as the best time for fishing in the valley. The water is colder and fish are not feeding as aggressively as in the warmer months. This makes the fishing tougher and you have to work much harder the find the bites. On the second weekend in July, we proved that there are still good fish to be had during these tougher times and had a lot of fun doing so.

We invited a select group of guests to leave the chill of the Copperbelt, Lusaka and Johannesburg (well, relative chill for some) to come and enjoy an extended weekend of fishing, sandbanks and sundowners on the river. As is usual for this time of year, the weather was perfect. Crisp mornings and sunshine, without the blazing heat of October. The question was, would we be able to entice some fish onto the bite. As it turned out, the fishing certainly did not disappoint.  There were certainly plenty of bites, although getting them to stick was not always so easy! With the colder water conditions, bait fishing did not really produce much and it was those who turned to lures who had the most success.

All told, more than 20 kilos of tigerfish were landed and released. While the number of fish caught was not outstanding, the quality of fish was consistently ranging from the 2 kilogram mark right up to a feisty 7 kilos. First timers and locals alike were on the board, setting a good mark for things to get even better once the water warms up again and the summer fishing kicks off.

The weekend was not only about fishing, and everyone enjoyed Wildtracks’s usual brand of easy-going hospitality with a good dose of sandbar sundowners, elephants, good food and great company. This was matched by the generosity of our visitors who made some substantial donations towards conservation in the area. Collectively, the group made a sizable donation towards the Lower Zambezi Catch and Release Initiative. This will provide a great boost to the further expansion of the inititaive and the promotion of responsible sports angling on the Zambezi. Conservation Lower Zambezi also benefited from another donation for Wildtracks to hand over towards their conservation work in the area.  To all our our guests this weekend, your generosity is much appreciated and will go a long way towards ensuring that the Zambezi valley remains a special place to visit for years to come.

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Thank you very much from Wildtracks and the Vrdoljak family, to all our guests this weekend, Ken and Cindy, Jill, Ron and Sonja, Rusty and Di, and Sean and Janine. It was a really special weekend and hope that you all enjoyed being here as much as we did having you.  We look forward to welcoming you all back soon, and hope to make our Winter Invitational Weekend an annual fixture on the Wildtracks calendar.



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