Fish-friendly competitions: doing more than just catch-and-release

In November 2013, just before the close of fishing for the year we held our annual end of season event: The Valley Classic. What started out is an annual informal fishing competition held among the guides, managers and owners of Lower Zambezi Lodges has evolved into a great opportunity for the valley . . . → Read More: Fish-friendly competitions: doing more than just catch-and-release


During the 2012 fishing season the LZCRI designed and tested tools for recording fishing activity and logging the details of fish caught and released during trips on the Zambezi River. These included simple and hi-tech options. Pen and paper remains a simple, affordable and reliable option that is very quick to implement. We designed . . . → Read More: TigerTracker

Tigers without teeth

Tigerfish are well equipped for their predatory lifestyle with an impressive set of sharp, prominent teeth

Tigerfish have a fearsome reputation as predators and fighting game fish. Their scientific name Hydrocynus vittatus means ‘striped water dog’ in reference to their dark lateral stripes and impressive set of sharp teeth. Yet tigerfish are not . . . → Read More: Tigers without teeth

Winter invitational weekend: big fish and big hearts

Winter is not generally regarded as the best time for fishing in the valley. The water is colder and fish are not feeding as aggressively as in the warmer months. This makes the fishing tougher and you have to work much harder the find the bites. On the second weekend in July, we proved . . . → Read More: Winter invitational weekend: big fish and big hearts

Responsible fishing at Wildtracks

The Lower Zambezi is a spectacular fishing destination and every year sees more and more visitors coming to the valley to try their hand a catching a tigerfish for the first time, beat their record from last year, or chase that elusive monster that ran off half a spool of line before . . . → Read More: Responsible fishing at Wildtracks

And… we’re back!

The rainy season seems to have flown by and March is just a few days away which means that it’s time to dust off those fishing rods and get back out on the river. We’ve been working hard to get Wildtracks ship-shape and ready for the 2012 season. Our bookings sheet . . . → Read More: And… we’re back!

Another classic weekend at Wildtracks

Another busy season has come to a close in the valley, which for lodge managers and guides in the valley means it’s time to kick back, have one final fling before the rains set in. Not to forget, also doing some good for conservation in the Lower Zambezi. How do we manage this all . . . → Read More: Another classic weekend at Wildtracks

We’re taking a break

The rains have arrived, and so has Zambia’s annual fishing ban. That means the tigerfish get a chance to get their breeding on until the 1st of March 2012. We’ll also be taking a break until then so Wildtracks will be closed for the next couple of months so that we can gear up . . . → Read More: We’re taking a break

Wildtracks Lodge

Looking for a destination on the Lower Zambezi? Wildtracks Lodge offers self catering accommodation and more. Browse our website to find out more about who we are, where we are and what we have to offer. You can also contact us, or check our bookings calendar for availability.

Check the weather in the . . . → Read More: Wildtracks Lodge

High Water

Kariba Dam on the 3rd of February with three floodgates open

At noon on the 22nd of January, the Zambezi River Authority (ZAHARO)opened the floodgates at Kariba Dam to keep the level of the lake within operational levels. The decision to open the gates was made in response to large inflows from the . . . → Read More: High Water