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You can contact us directly on +26 097 101 7726 or +26 097 734 9418.

Cell phone coverage in the valley is patchy so it’s best to contact us via WhatsApp or email using the form on the left. For booking enquiries, you can also use the form on our Accommodation page.

Where to find us:

Travelling from Lusaka: Travel south 123 km on the T2 to Chirundu.

Travelling from Livingstone: Travel northwest on the T1 for 350 km. At the junction with the T2 turn right and head south for 80 km to Chirundu

From Chirundu: take the gravel road towards Chiawa and the Lower Zambezi National Park.  The condition of the road varies, so a high clearance vehicle is recommended in the dry season. In the wet season, the road may only be passable by 4 x 4 after heavy rain.

After 13 km  you will reach the new bridge to cross the Kafue River.

A further 1.5 km after the bridge, you will reach a junction. Keep right and continue a further 16.8 km towards Chiawa.

Turn right at the Wildtracks sign. A further 0.5 km after the junction turn left and continue 3 km to reach Wildtracks.

Wildtracks is located at: 15.9422° S, 29.0049°E (WGS 84)



  • The trip from Lusaka to Wildtracks takes 3-3.5 hours. However if there is heavy traffic on the escarpment road delays can be expected as heavy trucks often break down here and the road is not in good condition.
  • A high clearance vehicle is recommended for the gravel road between Chirundu and Wildtracks. During the rainy season (Nov – April) this road is 4×4 only, this restriction is not only for your safety and comfort, but also takes road maintenance and damage into account.
  • Parking and boat launching facilities are available, at a fee, from Gwabi Lodge about 11km out, before the Kafue bridge or at Wildtracks, please pre arrange slipway use with us.
  • Boat transfers to Wildtracks can be arranged in advance for those not wishing to drive.
  • There is generally fuel available in Chirundu, but this is not always reliable, so we would recommend ensuring that you top up before leaving Lusaka
  • Wildtracks does not have a shop or a bar. There is however a Shoprite in Chirundu where you can get supplies if necessary.
  • A note about Google Maps – Exercise caution if using Google Maps to find us. There is an issue that may prevent Google Maps from routing to Wildtracks via Chirundu. You may be routed via the escarpment road from Leopards Hill. While this route is usually passable during the dry season  it is strictly 4 x 4 only and should only be attempted by experienced off road drivers, with more than one vehicle.